Sunrise Contracting

Development of a new brand identity was the foundation for a new website.

project brief

Sunrise Contracting came to us knowing they needed to elevate their branding to reflect the clout they carry in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. This included needing a new website, and developing a logo that could be used in conjunction with a variety of heavy equipment branded machinery.

client overview

Sunrise Contracting offers a variety of construction services to the Middle Tennessee area helping to ensure stable foundations and functional site work for structures of all shapes and sizes.


We worked hand in hand with the team at Sunrise to develop a strategy to tackle this project in a timely manner. After stakeholder and customer interviews, EyeCandy went to work on strategic messaging and logo development. We also formulated a content strategy for the new website. Brand development flowed naturally into designing website concepts. And we couldn’t have done any of this without the key data Sunrise was able to provide.


We helped Sunrise launch their first official “brand” in July of 2023, after three decades of doing business. Sunrise now has a strong brand to match the impact they have had on the Nashville landscape. EyeCandy delivered a brand booklet, complete with core messaging and clear brand guidelines. Their website help demonstrate the reach of the amazing work they do. Additionally, we developed a logo treatment that will help the Sunrise brand shine on any piece of heavy equipment. Sunrise is now positioned to continue their growth. Look for their logo next time you drive through Nashville.

"We were totally blown away by how EyeCandy guided us through the process. The company founders deserved this after 30+ years of hard work."

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