EyeCandy Creative


We capture your business, your story, in your voice.


We're here to tell your story, in your words, to your people.

The craft of copywriting is more than hard-hitting headers and CTAs. It’s about evoking emotion, building familiarity, establishing trust. It’s about authentically telling your story and showing the humanity in your brand. It’s about making clients and customers feel invested, beyond a single purchase. It’s community and connection, for the long haul.

Short-form and long-form. Digital and print. Paid and organic. We manage all your messaging needs.

Build your brand bible? Overhaul and optimize your website copy? Shape ongoing organic social media content that keeps your company top of mind with your core audience? EyeCandy’s copywriting services cover it all.

Your unique voice is our GPS.

Outsourcing marketing content isn’t always comfortable, particularly when it comes to words. Will an outside team fully grasp your mission and vision? Can an outside copywriter inhabit your voice?
We’re entrepreneurs. We’re brand-builders. We know how crucial it is to speak in a voice that’s uniquely, authentically yours. So we map our copywriting services to that goal.

Our Work

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