EyeCandy Creative

Announcing EyeCandy Creative, an Agency Reborn 

This was never the plan. 

I never aspired to start my own agency, or even imagined working for myself. I envisioned a rewarding job with a steady, predictable income, a family by my side, a mortgage, and a happy life — the life I’ve been lucky enough to live.  

But along the way, I felt a pull toward something. 

In 2003, a partner and I launched EyeCandy Creative — mostly a side hustle to make little extra money, but more importantly, an outlet that gave me the space to pursue ideas my full-time jobs couldn’t accommodate. We built inspiring websites, developed dynamic branding, delivered countless print and digital designs, and we found a way of collaborating that felt personal, hopeful — different.  

Today, I’m announcing EyeCandy Creative’s graduation. From today forward, it’s a full-time creative house. 

It’s real. It’s time. We’re ready. 

Two Decades in the Making 

It’s taken a while to get to this point, but the truth is: It needed to. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked for outstanding organizations and with inspiring people. I’ve failed, screwed up, and lost my temper. I’ve also helped, saved, and fixed countless projects and stood up and made a difference for a long list of clients.  

I wasn’t ready in 2003. But the timing is right, right now. 

If there’s anything I learned over those years, it’s self-awareness and balance. Finding the “why” behind what drives me helped me be a better human, a better colleague, a better friend, a better father and husband, and a stronger asset for my clients. Figuring out how to balance all that out is equally important and a key reason I am doing this. We can’t truly be effective for others or our craft if we don’t take the time to refuel and recharge.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I know I love doing everything I can to turn someone’s vision into a reality. I love solving problems in a creative way. And I love helping people succeed. 

People Like Working With Us 

That pull I felt — the thing that inspired me to launch EyeCandy — was curiosity, I think. And curiosity, ultimately, is at the root of who we are as an agency. We deliver thoughtful, creatively compelling work, but we’re eager to explore new ideas and learn from other perspectives.  

Coming into each conversation with a curious mind has been critical to how we’ve built our client base and established relationships that last.  

Skills shaped over decades make us good. Collaboration makes us great. Whether it’s a logo, a website, or a suite of new marketing swag, I can promise it will start with your vision and only get stronger, because we did it together. 

Starting today, I am fully in. And I’m grateful to those who have supported me along the way. This will probably be the hardest thing I ever do, but I’ve never felt so confident, so inspired, or so creatively curious. 

Let’s make something beautiful.  

— Michael