At the end of the day, we are designers at heart. Whether we are helping you build a new website, creating a new brand identity, or updating your booth display, our focus is ensuring that the design elevates your message and engages your audience visually.

The way something looks does matter.

We believe these endeavors are partnerships, and the only way to be successful is collaboration and trust.

Based in Nashville, TN, EyeCandy Creative was established in 2003 as the joint venture of two friends who were tired of dealing with creative agencies in our full-time jobs. Most of them seem over-priced and most importantly, they didn’t listen to their clients.

Our goal was simple, take a “customer-centric” approach to offering ala carte design and marketing services. This means being conscious of the client’s needs, budget and vision… large or small. This has allowed EyeCandy Creative to fill many gaps because we insert ourselves where the client needs us most. This gives us the flexibility to take on complete projects, or help out in a pinch.

The anti-agency… You have other options.

Working with a large agency can be maddening, even for a large company. On top of high-hourly rates and slow turnaround, the client gets lost in the conversation. At EyeCandy, we listen to the client and provide simple, affordable options that meet their goals.

We are pretty picky about the clients we choose to work with. If we are going to invest time in you, we expect the same commitment to transparency and accountability.

Together, we can build beautiful things.

Start-ups and small companies love us.

Starting a new business has plenty of hurdles. When it comes to creating an identity and website for your company, EyeCandy Creative has the experience and expertise to guide you down the right path, and most importantly, at a price that work with your budget!